Autonomous Technology in Long-Haul Trucking C2304

Topics: Advanced Technologies

Billions of dollars have been invested in AV trucking. It is no longer a matter of IF, it is a matter of When, Where, Who and How? This will be the most disruptive event to happen in our supply chains in more than 4 decades. Are you ready to help your company usher in the most disruptive technology?

This class will help you prepare and understand what you will need to do to become part of the ecosystem. You will learn how to identify what needs to start, stop, and change for you to adopt, integrate, and scale. Join us to learn the answers to key questions like the following:

1)How will maintenance change in the AV trucking ecosystem?
2)Who are the players and who will be first to market?
3)What lanes will be the first to go AV?
4)What changes should I be making in my network?

Learning Objectives

By successfully completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the key players in the industry and the ecosystem
  • Identify what needs to start, stop, or change in your business to adopt, integrate, and scale AV trucking
  • Locate and prepare for adoption hurdles
  • Develop your value proposition for AV support and the role you will play in the AV Truck ecosystem
  • Develop your company’s playbook for AV Adoption, Integration and Scaling

Who Should Attend

Anyone in a leadership position in any company in the current manual trucking ecosystem. AV Trucking company tech employees, needing to gain more understanding of AV Truck Operations. This would include employees of Truck and trailer OEM’s, Dealerships, Truck Maintenance, AV Trucking companies, Tier 1’s, AV Lidar, Radar, and Camera suppliers, as well as support companies in the Ecosystem (Telematics, TMS, etc.)


A basic understanding of the trucking business today.

You must complete all course contact hours and successfully pass the learning assessment to obtain CEUs.

Leon White

Leon Lee White is an Autonomous Trucking & Logistics expert with deep strategy and operations expertise in the AV trucking space. With four decades of experience, he works at the forefront of the autonomous trucking industry to position stakeholders in the AV ecosystem for long-term success. As the President of LM White Consulting, Lee works with fleets, OEMs, and carriers in developing forward-looking strategies, business models, and roadmaps for AV operations. His unique background allows him to bring all systems, planning, operations, and structures together to allow his clients to rapidly adopt, integrate, and scale the technology.

Lee earned a bachelor’s degree in economics at the University of Georgia. He is a recognized expert in the autonomous vehicle space and has given numerous media interviews, as well as presentations at industry conferences.

Duration: 2 Days
CEUs: 1.3

Format: Classroom

Event ID: S-00882

Location: Schaumburg, Illinois

Session Info:

8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Fees: $1,299.00

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