Accident Reconstruction Microlearning Library Full Collection PD102306

Topics: Accident Reconstruction Driver assistance systems , Crashes , Accident types , Accident reconstruction

The Accident Reconstruction MicroLearning Library is a collection of 25 concise videos on different topics related to crash scene investigation. These videos provide practical, applicable knowledge that you will immediately be able to use in the field. Whether you have a need to know about ADAS systems, tires, or commercial vehicles, these videos touch on a wide range of instructional areas and are taught by experts in the field.


  • Identify Bendix models that house commercial vehicle accident reconstruction data
  • Describe data that can be imaged from Isuzu, V-MAC III, MAC IV, V-MAC IV+, and Volvo trucks
  • Define ADAS
  • Describe the limitations of certain systems
  • Identify vehicles that have ADAS
  • How to reconstruct an ADAS crash
  • How to access and download data from a crashed vehicle
  • Describe the role of crush measurements in accident reconstruction
  • Make crush measurements on vehicles with end damage and side damage
  • Understand the skid to stop formula
  • Considerations for photographing accident reconstruction scenes
  • How to photograph trucks, passenger vehicles, and accident sites
  • Identify must-have accident photography equipment
  • Identify the components of commercial and passenger vehicle tires
  • How to read the information on tire sidewalls
  • What to look for on truck tires during an inspection

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Video Titles:
  • Commercial Tire Components
  • Passenger Tire Components
  • Reading Tire Sidewalls
  • Truck Tires During Inspection
  • Photographing Accident Sites
  • Photographing Passenger Vehicles
  • Photographing Trucks
  • Photography Equipment
  • What Is ADAS
  • Limitations of FCW and AEB
  • How Do I Extract Images
  • Toyota Vehicle Control History
  • How Do I Inspect ADAS Vehicles
  • How to Reconstruct an ADAS Crash
  • Is There ADAS In My Crash
  • What Vehicles Have ADAS
  • How do I test FCW and AEB
  • What data can we image off Isuzu trucks?
  • What Bendix modules house data?
  • What data can we image off V-MAC III trucks?
  • What data can we image off V-MAC IV & V-MAC IV+ trucks?
  • What data can we image off Volvo trucks?
  • Crush measurements on vehicles with end damage
  • Crush measurements on vehicles with side damage
  • Skid to stop formula

Broadband-5Mbps minimum

Thomas Vadnais, Henry Schmoker, Ann Grimes and Alan Moore

Henry Schmoker is a Research Engineer at Mecanica Scientific Services.

Ann Grimes is an Engineer at Mecanica Scientific Services.

Access Period: 365 Days

Duration: 3 Hours
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