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As diesel engines become more popular, a fundamental knowledge of diesel technology is critical for anyone involved in the diesel engine support industry. The SAE Diesel Engine Technology e-Seminar, featuring Instructor Magdi Khair, will explain the fundamental technology of diesel engines, starting with a short but thorough introduction of the diesel combustion cycle, and continuing with aspects of engine design, emission control design, and more. An overview of developing technologies for the future with a comprehensive section on exhaust aftertreatment is also included.

The nearly thirteen hour course is divided into an introduction and eight modules. The instructor makes reference to his book, Diesel Emissions and Their Control, co-authored with W. Addy Majewski and also available from SAE International.


By participating in this course, you will be able to:

  • Summarize the technological advances in modern diesel engines
  • Evaluate the sources of emissions from diesel engines and the influence of engine component design on curbing these emissions
  • Explain diesel exhaust aftertreatment systems and their effectiveness in reducing emissions
  • Recognize the importance of fuel injection parameters to performance and emission control

Materials Provided

  • 90 days of online single-user access (from date of purchase) to the 13 hour course
  • Links to streaming video modules
  • Course Handbook (downloadable, .pdf's)
  • Instructor follow up to your content questions
  • 1.3 CEUs*/Certificate of Achievement (upon completion of all course content and a score of 70% or higher on the learning assessment)
*SAE International is authorized by IACET to offer CEUs for this course.

Is this e-Seminar for You?

If you are involved in diesel engine support industries such as catalytic converters, lube oils, gaskets, and turbochargers, and if you are not well versed with diesel engines although they play a major role in your career's survival, this e-Seminar is for you.

This course satisfies a requirement in the Diesel Technology Certificate Program.

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  • The Case for the Diesel Engine
  • The Diesel Combustion Process
  • Basic Types of Diesel Engines
  • The Diesel Fuel Injection System
  • Air Management - Supercharging & Turbocharging
  • Emissions Formation in Diesel Engines
  • Steps Towards the Modern Diesel Engine
  • Emerging Technologies

  • Windows 7, 8, 10 (other operating systems and mobile platforms are not supported but may work)
  • Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox 37+ , Google Chrome 42+ (other browsers are not supported)
  • Broadband-1Mbps minimum

Joe J. Doe
Magdi Khair

Dr. Magdi Khair has recently retired from Watlow Electric where he was Chief Technologist in Watlow’s Diesel Emission Space. He was previously an Institute Engineer at Southwest Research Institute. He had prior assignments at Allied Signal Automotive Catalyst, Ford New Holland, Ford Tractor Operations, Bendix Diesel Operations, and the Chrysler Corporation. He has worked with diesel engines and their emission control systems. Dr. Khair has an extensive background in diesel aftertreatment, stratified charge, and gas turbine engines since 1970. He was involved with developing emission control systems to help diesel and alternative combustion engines meet future regulated limits. He has co-authored “Diesel Emissions and Their Control”, a comprehensive textbook, and continues to present seminars in diesel engine technology, selective catalytic reduction for diesel engines, and exhaust gas recirculation.

Dr. Khair holds a B.S. in Automotive Engineering from Cairo, Egypt, a M.S. in Thermodynamics from the University of Birmingham, England, a MBA from Michigan State University and a Ph.D. in Engineering Management from Warren National University. Dr. Khair holds 20 US patents in the areas of fuel injection, turbocharging, exhaust gas recirculation and filtration, and diesel aftertreatment systems.

1.3 CEUs


"The course is highly comprehensive and detailed, whereas it remains accessible for non-engineers interested in diesel engine technologies."
Mathieu Rouleau
Health Canada

"Dr. Khair has an excellent teaching manner and clearly knows the subject matter. He does not gloss over the more basic topics, but still covers in-depth topics with clarity. He tailors his responses to student questions so they are applicable to all and does not make anyone feel inadequate."
Susan Bodine
Sales Support Engineer


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Duration: 13 Hours
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