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Topics: Metallurgy

For products made of metal, many problems occur because people overlook metallurgy when making design, manufacturing, and supplier decisions and when working on quality problems. Created for design, quality, and manufacturing engineers, the 11 metallurgy courses in this bundle teach practical metallurgy concepts and how to apply them to real-world problems and decisions.

Online Courses

Principles of Metallurgy

Learn the metallurgical fundamentals of how alloying, heat treatment, and cold working are used to modify metal strength.

Metallurgy of Precipitation Strengthening

Learn how precipitation affects metal strength and the effects of precipitation strengthening, heat treating process parameters on alloy microstructure and strength.

Failure Analysis of Metals

Learn the analysis techniques and steps to perform a failure analysis of metal components and joints that failed by fracturing, corrosion, or poor manufacturing quality.

steel metallurgy
Metallurgy of Steel Case Hardening

Learn the metallurgical changes that occur during case hardening processes and the effects of alloy composition heat treating process parameters on steel microstructure and properties.

steel metallurgy
Metallurgy of Steel: Principles

Learn about the metallurgy of carbon steel, including common microstructures and their influence on steel properties, and effects of heat treating on steel microstructure and properties.

steel metallurgy
Metallurgy of Steel Through Hardening

Learn the metallurgical changes that occur during through hardening and effects of composition, heat treating time and temperature, and quench rate on microstructure and properties.

Wrought Aluminum Metallurgy

Learn about the metallurgy of wrought aluminum alloys, including the effects of alloy composition, cold-working, and heat treating on aluminum microstructure and strength.

Corrosion of Metals

Learn the parts of a corrosion cell, seven common corrosion mechanisms, metallurgical and mechanical factors that influence corrosion rate, and design approaches to prevent corrosion.

Tensile Testing

Learn how tensile tests are performed and the mechanical properties determined based on the test data.

Hardness Testing

Learn how Brinell, Rockwell, and microhardness tests are performed and how samples are prepared for testing.


Learn about electroplating process steps, important coating properties and features and how they are evaluated, and coating defects and causes.

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