AS7489: Aerospace Coating Fundamentals for ACAS Personnel PD302003

Topics: Quality, Safety & Maintenance Certification , Coatings, colorants, and finishes , Spraying

This introductory AS7489 certification course provides both new and tenured aerospace coatings application specialists (ACAS) with technical training on safety and engineering compliance. Topics specific to the successful preparation and coatings application of aircraft substrates will be the central focus.

This course is approved by Probitas Authentication and the successful completion of this course fulfills the training requirements for SAE AS7489 ACAS Course I Certification.


By attending this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe fundamental safety precautions for ACAS personnel
  • Interpret an SDS and other safety-related documents
  • Identify specific types of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Demonstrate awareness of compliance with ACAS engineering standards
  • Demonstrate use of the "three buckets" theory
  • Restate the importance of surface cleanliness
  • List effective techniques in obtaining clean surfaces during the preparation process
  • Identify components of an HVLP spray gun and how they work together
  • Define the EPA 6H Rule and how it affects the aerospace industry

Is this On Demand Course for You?

This self-paced online course has been designed for new and tenured aerospace coatings applicator specialist (ACAS) personnel who wish to obtain SAE AS7489 ACAS Course I Certification in accordance with the requirements of SAE AS7489.  Process Engineers, Safety Practitioners, and Supervisors in an Aviation Paint Operations environment may also benefit.

 The course is spot on…The content works for seasoned painters as well as a great prerequisite to practical painting for new hires.” - USAF, Fabrication Functional Manager

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Access Period: 45 Days

Duration: 6 Hours
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