Battery Storage and the Energy Transition PD772307

Topics: Advanced Technologies Energy storage systems , Batteries , Battery cell chemistry , Electric vehicles , Battery packs , Lithium-ion batteries , Sustainable development , Electric power grid

The energy system: present and future:

In this course you will be introduced you to the current and future energy system as we make our way towards a zero-emission society and discuss the challenges and opportunities arising from this shift in energy sources focus.

Importance of energy storage:

In this course, you will get to know the different energy storage alternatives,  and learn why energy storage is important for our future. We will watch interviews and lessons on the burning topic of energy storage, the need for flexibility, and look at different storage alternatives based on time and power scales. We will also discuss what are key considerations when working with energy storage projects. Finally, we will discuss future projections for the energy storage market.

Battery Storage: potential applications and challenges:

In this course, you will explore the main battery storage technology groups. Then we will dig a bit deeper into four different battery storage applications: grid-scale, behind-the-meter, off-grid battery storage and electromobility. For these applications, you will also relate existing barriers and drivers in the market to business solutions.


  • Discuss the trends behind energy transition and the increasing focus on renewable energy sources
  • Understand the need for energy storage in a renewable source-based energy system, as well as the challenges associated with energy transition in terms of grid flexibility and energy storage needs
  • Grasp the crucial role of battery storage in the energy transition and the associated benefits of battery technologies as energy storage devices
  • Explain the main applications of battery storage in the electric grid and related challenges
  • Reflect on future perspectives for energy storage in the electric grid and on transportation, power, and residential sectors, and correctly interpret the enabling potential of new technological storage innovations for societal developments

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