Battery Storage Value Chain PD772309

Topics: Advanced Technologies Energy storage systems , Batteries , Battery cell chemistry , Electric vehicles , Battery packs , Lithium-ion batteries , Supply chain management , Recycling , Life cycle analysis , Sustainable development

Battery Storage Raw Materials and Supply Chain:

In this course we will focus on the key and critical battery raw materials. We will also take a closer look at the processes of extracting lithium for batteries and consider both the environmental and economic limitations of the industry. You will also take a deep dive into the battery cell and will acquire insights into the manufacturing process of batteries.

From Materials to Battery Cells:

In this course we will go deeper and explore each of the steps required for turning materials into battery cells in more detail. We will review the important battery parameters and components, then provide a detailed explanation of the importance of each step that is present in the battery cell production process.

Batteries end-of-life: Reuse and Recycling

In this course, several experts will guide you through the state-of-the-art of battery reuse and battery recycling. Specifically you will be introduced to two options for handling batteries that reach end-of-life: reuse and recycling. You will get a detailed view on the currently available battery recycling technologies.


  • Understand the battery industry value chain
  • Identify the main challenges of raw materials extraction, supply, and options for end-of-life batteries
  • Design a process flow for the production of a Li-ion battery cell
  • Describe each step of production of a Li-ion battery cell and discuss its function and challenges
  • Appraise the main challenges faced by large-scale production of Li-ion batteries concerning supply chain and manufacturing process
  • Discuss the importance of recycling for a circular battery value and pinpoint the relevant steps

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