Understanding Energy Storage: The Battery Revolution PD772314

Topics: Advanced Technologies Energy storage systems , Batteries , Battery cell chemistry , Electric vehicles , Battery packs , Lithium-ion batteries , Vehicle charging , Supply chain management , Sustainable development

This course discusses energy storage technologies, such as batteries, and how they affect the future of the transportation and power sectors. Specifically, it will explore why energy storage is important and how the battery revolution is already underway. The course will also examine the benefits of using battery energy storage for industrial products – underground mining – and mobility. The course mostly focuses on lithium-ion batteries.


  • Apply knowledge of current status and developments in energy storage and how they can affect the power and transportation sectors
  • Understand the supply chain in large-scale lithium-ion battery production
  • Identify the benefits of battery energy storage solutions in underground mining
  • Describe the current electric vehicle market and identify different types of EV charging

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