Battery Storage Opportunities and Uses PD772315

Topics: Advanced Technologies Energy storage systems , Batteries , Battery cell chemistry , Battery packs , Lithium-ion batteries , Electric power grid

This course explores the potential role and position of battery storage in the future European electricity industry, by shedding light on different applications of battery storage. For each of the four main applications of grid-scale, behind-the-meter, off-grid and mobility, you will learn about the most promising services of battery storage in the electricity system that has a large share of renewable electricity. You will discover why the development and deployment of battery storage has been slow, despite it being a promising solution, but also why the time has come for the electricity industry to make smart battery choices.


  • Understand solutions that can enhance the flexibility in the electricity market
  • Develop an overview of the main battery storage technology groups, their respective most promising technologies, and their technical characteristics
  • Build insight into why battery storage services and technologies have been developed and deployed at a much slower pace than expected
  • Boost your career by gaining an understanding of different business models of battery storage at grid-scale, behind-the-meter, off-grid, and mobility

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