Energy Storage: The Battery Revolution PD772316

Topics: Advanced Technologies Energy storage systems , Batteries , Battery cell chemistry , Electric vehicles , Battery packs , Lithium-ion batteries , Sustainable development , Electric power grid

Importance of energy storage:

In this course, you will get to know the different energy storage alternatives, and learn why energy storage is important for our future. We will watch interviews and lessons on the burning topic of energy storage, the need for flexibility, and take a look at different storage alternatives based on time and power scales. We will also discuss what are key considerations when working with energy storage projects. Finally, we will discuss future projections for the energy storage market.

Aspects of the battery storage value chain:

In this course you will look into which minerals and natural resources are needed for lithium-ion batteries and how lithium is extracted.

Application 1: Electric Vehicles

In this course you will learn about a crucial application of batteries which is mobility, understanding the market trends around electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, but also the business models of vehicle to 

grid and vehicle to home. You will also get to know 2 innovative business examples of electric mobility.

Application 2: Energy Storage Systems (ESS): grid / home

In this course you will learn about energy storage systems that can be integrated at both grid and home level.

Application 3: Industrial products

In this course you will learn how electrification in underground mining can reduce overall costs, reduce CO2 emissions, and much more.

Application 4: Local energy systems based on storage

In this course you will learn how battery storage is a feasible solution at a local level for homeowner owning photovoltaics and electric vehicles.

Investment scenarios and business models for battery energy storage systems:

In this course we will start by exploring the challenges, main drivers, and opportunities related to the changing energy system in general. In particular, we will elaborate on the role end customers will play in the new energy system. Then, we will focus specifically on the energy storage market, looking into two perspectives on investment scenarios and business models: at home and at grid level.

Battery recycling and second life:

In this course you will learn about the state-of-the-art of battery reuse and battery recycling, and you will get a detailed view on the currently available battery recycling technologies.


  • Get a big-picture perspective of the battery storage value chain from raw materials to second life and recycling
  • Understand different battery storage solutions – potential, applications, and benefits
  • Explore business models and market evolution in battery storage
  • Get an understanding of new opportunities, market dynamics, and challenges

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  • Professionals in energy technology, renewable energy, and engineering
  • Anyone interested in developing their knowledge of battery storage and enhancing their professional development

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