Solid-State Batteries PD772322

Topics: Advanced Technologies Energy storage systems , Batteries , Battery cell chemistry , Lithium-ion batteries , Electrolytes , Sustainable development

This course focuses on the next generation electrolytes for Li-ion and Lithium metal batteries, the solid electrolytes, explaining why the shift to a solid electrolyte is necessary, which types of solid electrolytes exist, how they work and their specific features and benefits.


  • Give the basic build-up of Li-ion and lithium batteries and assign the relevant components with their purpose
  • List the main requirements for solid-state electrolytes
  • Compare ionic conductivity mechanisms through ceramics, polymer, and composite electrolytes
  • Give the challenges involved with integrating a solid-state electrolyte in a battery cell
  • Compare the thin-film battery technology against the classical Li-ion battery technology

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  • Chemical engineers
  • Process engineers
  • Battery and R&D professionals looking into next-generation battery technology

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Duration: 2 Hours