Power Convertors and Efficiency in Battery Applications PD772323

Topics: Advanced Technologies Energy storage systems , Batteries , Battery cell chemistry , Lithium-ion batteries , Sustainable development , Energy conservation

Introduction to Power Electronic Converters:

In this course, you will learn why we need power converters. We will discuss the basic principles of power conversion and you will receive a brief overview of the various types of power converters. You will learn how to recognize different voltage, current, and power levels, as well as the AC or DC character of electrical power, through examples of common, present-day electrical applications.

Power conversion and efficiency in battery systems:

In this course, you will be taken into the lab to get acquainted with power conversion principles and efficiency measurements. You will learn how to match the right type of converter to various real-world battery applications, while assessing overall system performance with respect to energy efficiency. The lessons will give you the knowledge you need to be able to list the main origins of losses in battery packs and judge the impact of the charge and discharge rates on battery efficiency and effective capacity. You will also see some examples of the use of power electronic interfaces for batteries and compare power electronic interfaces across applications.


  • Apply insights into the need for power conversion in future applications
  • Identify the type of power converters required in a battery application
  • Evaluate a given application in terms of component and system efficiency
  • Take into account the energy losses of power converters and batteries in the assessment of overall system performance

Is this On Demand Course for You?

Engineers without a background in power electronics. Anyone with a non-engineering background working with battery applications

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Duration: 7 Hours