Energy Systems Integration: Evolution in Electricity Grids PD772326

Topics: Advanced Technologies Energy storage systems , Batteries , Sustainable development , Electric power grid

This course gives you unparalleled insight into the fundamentals of power systems, from direct to alternating current, active to reactive power, and more. You will explore frequency control, how active demand and storage can support the system, and the future evolution of the electricity grid. And you will emerge with a rock-solid understanding of the key issues at play.


  • Describe the critical elements of frequency and voltage control
  • Differentiate between power invertors and synchronous generators
  • Explain the role of storage and demand response in balancing supply and demand
  • Respond to the need for more communication networks within the electricity grid and the increase of renewable energy sources

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Anyone in the energy industry Academic professionals & individuals who want to deepen their understanding of energy systems integration and developments in electricity grids.

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Duration: 4 Hours