A World In Motion®

Our program brings Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education to life for students in grades PreK-12 with hands-on activities.

The A World In Motion® (AWIM®) program is one of the many examples of SAE involvement in all levels of education - from elementary school to postgraduate to professional development. The program represents an opportunity to make learning fun, have young students discover the exciting application of science principles and share information about rewarding careers in engineering and technical professions. We welcome your involvement in this effort to influence and enhance the ways in which our youth are prepared to meet the future.

By participating in the AWIM program, you are helping to prepare students for the challenges of tomorrow through personal discovery. As the teacher who provides information about exciting, science-related careers - you are playing an important role in the development of our future workforce.

Bring the AWIM program to your school!

Ways you can promote awareness of the AWIM program curriculum in your community:

  • Bring flyers describing the program to your school administrator
  • Share information about the program with your science and math coordinators
  • Network with parents, engineering professionals and others in your community who could volunteer to support your classroom using the program

Learn more about the role of a classroom volunteer.