A World In Motion®
SAE's A World In Motion® (AWIM®) PreK-12 program brings STEM education to life with an inquiry-based learning experience. We combine practical, hands-on learning and mentorship to provide equitable access to STEM.

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Who are our Industry Volunteers?

Experienced professionals in the mobility industry who help support teachers in the classroom by providing real-world perspectives that open the door to potential STEM majors and career paths.

An Industry volunteer is anyone with a passion for supporting students and building connections in their local community. Employees can get started as a solo volunteer or recruit a team of colleagues. A variety of engagement options—both in-person and virtual—and flexible time commitments make it possible for any professional to help bring STEM to life for young learners.

To encourage volunteer engagement in the classroom, SAE offers educators a chance to save on AWIM curriculum and material kits with a 25% Volunteer Discount. To learn more email us today at awimorder@sae.org.

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Who are our Student Volunteers?

Any high school or college student with a passion for working with others in their community is invited to volunteer with younger learners participating in AWIM. There are a variety of engagement options to choose from, so every student volunteer can find an impactful way to give back in the classroom. Students have the opportunity to connect with younger learners to share STEM concepts and ideas, igniting that same spark they have in themselves.


SAE International’s LearnTwice™ program provides university students with a unique opportunity to volunteer with young learners participating in A World In Motion® (AWIM). Volunteers receive resources and training to support AWIM in a local classroom. Through near-peer mentoring, university teams earn a stipend to use toward SAE competition expenses. LearnTwice is open to all active teams participating in any of SAE International's University Programs.

The Benefits of Volunteering with our A World In Motion Program

AWIM Student Benefits

  • Reinforce positive learning experiences through one-on-one interactions
  • Build relationships with mentors and make real-world connections
  • Learn about different career and education pathways

AWIM Educator Benefits

  • Receive support with classroom instruction

  • Access real-world applications that help augment the AWIM curriculum

  • Enrich learning through industry perspectives


Student Volunteer Benefits

  • Strengthen leadership skills to apply in future careers
  • Serve as a mentor to young learners
  • Fulfill service hours and connect to the local community

Industry Volunteer Benefits

  • Give back to your local community
  • Encourage diversity and inclusion for the next generation
  • Build a strong foundation for the future workforce

“Going back to teach A World In Motion to kids in fifth grade just reminded me of what I was when I was in fifth grade and how inspired I was and seeing the look on their face when they saw their car roll across the ground for the first time, it was just an instant reminder of why I'm doing what I'm doing.”

- John Lloyd
Vehicle Integration Engineer, Ford Motor Company
Former AWIM student, CDS Team Captain, and LearnTwice participant

Want to give back and inspire curiosity in STEM for young learners?

Log into SAE Connexion+ to volunteer with SAE’s AWIM PreK-12 STEM education program. 

Get Started

“In our first AWIM session, volunteers talk for a few minutes about their backgrounds. I tell them—when you design your cars and trucks you’re going to do exactly what I did at GM. You’ll be working with a team. You’ll go to your “Proving Grounds” just like we did at GM. You’ll test your designs and make sure you have good data. Then, just like an engineer, you’ll find ways to get better results.”

- Don Robins
Retired Executive Engineer, General Motors
AWIM Industry Volunteer