A World In Motion

Our program brings Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education to life for students in grades K-8 with hands-on activities.

PreK Curriculum


In the Weather AWIM Preschool Exploration, students learn about weather patterns and how to observe, measure, and record basic weather data. An integrated storybook about a girl who gets dressed for any kind of weather brings the concepts to life. Students then work together to create a Big Book of Weather. Concepts covered in this unit include basic earth and space science.

Living Things

In the Living Things AWIM Preschool Exploration, young learners explore similarities and differences found in nature. Guided by a STEM-inspired storybook about a girl who proves her pet tree is a living thing just like her friends’ animal pets, students work together to build a temporary indoor home for a small animal and prepare a Living Things Mural. Concepts covered in this unit include basic life science.

The Places We Live

In The Places We Live AWIM Preschool Exploration, students investigate where animals live and why they choose different environments to call home. An integrated storybook about animals making a case for why their home is best helps promote language and literacy development. The module culminates with students creating a space for a visiting pet using items found in the classroom or during a nature walk. Concepts covered include basic life science.

We Can Build

In the We Can Build AWIM Preschool Exploration, young learners create drawings, build towers and bridges, and share what they have learned during an Engineering Open House for their families. A STEM-inspired storybook about a family that builds a comfortable home for bats guides this interactive and fun module. Concepts covered in this unit include physical science and engineering.