A World In Motion®
SAE's A World In Motion® (AWIM®) PreK-12 program brings STEM education to life with an inquiry-based learning experience. We combine practical, hands-on learning and mentorship to provide equitable access to STEM.

Honeywell Communities

As part of its commitment to Honeywell Hometown Solutions, the Honeywell - SAE International Student Automotive Design Challenge (SADC) has become an exemplary educational outreach program demonstrating Honeywell and SAE's dedication to continued improvement in STEM education. Since 2008 Honeywell has committed $220,000 to the program and more than 100 Honeywell employees have volunteered over 1000 hours; demand for it has increased allowing for a global expansion to schools representing nine different countries with an additional $150,000 pledged for the next three years. To date, more than 2000 students have participated in the SADC program as they work in engineering design teams to interact globally with other participating schools and represent their school and country in an international competition.


Using the A World in Motion (AWIM) Motorized Toy Challenge, the SADC program provides students with an assignment from a mock corporation to research, design, test, and build electric gear driven toy cars. Working in design teams of four, students will be involved in doing market research, writing proposals, drawing sketches, and working with models to develop a plan to meet a specific set of design requirements based on their market research. Each design team will build its own vehicle and do a presentation on their efforts to the Honeywell volunteers who have mentored them throughout the project.


  • Increase program visibility using Social Media
  • Work with Honeywell to identify targets for facilitated program expansion