A World In Motion®
SAE's A World In Motion® (AWIM®) PreK-12 program brings STEM education to life with an inquiry-based learning experience. We combine practical, hands-on learning and mentorship to provide equitable access to STEM.

John Deere Communities

A strong portfolio of interrelated businesses, coupled with the core values of integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation, makes Deere & Company one of the world's most admired businesses today. John Deere is a global leader in agricultural, turf, forestry, and construction equipment for customers whose work and livelihood are rooted in the land.

The John Deere Inspire initiative is funding the A World in Motion® program in several John Deere communities throughout the U.S., with a plan to expand the initiative worldwide in the future.


John Deere Inspire is a global initiative that is designed to inspire the next generation of innovators through education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), coupled with connections and hands-on experiences with the real world. John Deere considers STEM literacy increasingly important for all students, regardless of career choice, to support 21st century learning and jobs.

John Deere's ultimate objective with this initiative is to significantly increase the number of high-quality students, including underrepresented talent, who enroll, graduate and are successfully working in STEM-related professions, and consider John Deere an employer of choice.


  • Reach 1,000 students in John Deere communities
  • Utilize a small number of existing, proven STEM programs that are scalable across the John Deere enterprise
  • Focus initial rollout in the U.S., with rollout expanding globally over time
  • Focus on communities where John Deere has significant technical presence, leveraging volunteers (including retirees)
  • Focus on younger students (ages 9 - 14)
  • Recognize and support STEM Deere volunteers


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