A World In Motion

Our program brings Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education to life for students in grades PreK-8 with hands-on activities.

SAE LearnTwice​​​​​​​

Think about everything you’ve learned as an engineering student. Now think about the impact those lessons and STEM concepts could have on young learners from kindergarten through high school.  

With SAE’s Learn Twice program, Collegiate Design Series (CDS) teams have the unique chance to inspire the next generation of engineers and give back to the community—all while earning compensation for CDS competitions. 

How It Works 

CDS students partner with SAE International’s A World In Motion (AWIM) to support K-8 STEM education in their local community.  In addition to being matched with CDS volunteers, participating elementary and middle schools will receive complimentary AWIM curriculum, materials, and support. The Learn Twice program is open to all registered CDS teams.


CDS Student Benefits

  • creating a stronger connection between CDS team members 
  • strengthening leadership and mentoring skills 
  • giving back to the community by serving as a mentor 
  • serving as a content expert and making the difference in the life of a young learner 
  • earning compensation to help fund your CDS vehicle build 


“Going back to teach "A World In Motion" to kids in fifth grade just reminded me of what I was when I was in fifth grade and how inspired I was and seeing the look on their face when they saw their car roll across the ground for the first time, it was just an instant reminder of why I'm doing what I'm doing.”


- John Lloyd
Vehicle Integration Engineer, Ford Motor Company
Former AWIM student, CDS Team Captain, and Learn Twice participant


AWIM Teacher/Classroom Benefits

  • providing opportunities for more one-on-one instructional time
  • fostering mentorship opportunities for young learners
  • providing real-world perspectives to aide classroom learning
  • creating direct linkages between K-8 STEM education and potential college majors


Join the Learn Twice Program 

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