A World In Motion®
SAE's A World In Motion® (AWIM®) PreK-12 program brings STEM education to life with an inquiry-based learning experience. We combine practical, hands-on learning and mentorship to provide equitable access to STEM.

Rocky Mountain STEM AWIM Initiative (RMAI)

Hands-On STEM Education for All Students

Rocky Mountain AWIM Initiative started with one goal--to provide access to hands-on STEM education for all students including underrepresented talent, especially in native communities, increasing participation and achievement to fill the STEM talent pipeline and strengthen communities.

Leveraging SAE’s award-winning A World In Motion (AWIM), a hands-on STEM program that is teacher-administered and industry volunteer-assisted, students are exposed to integrated, immersive STEM learning experiences in-classroom, out-of-school and at-home. Working closely with teachers, school administrators, parents, and community volunteers, the AWIM program has rapidly grown to support more than 80% of students in states west of the Rocky Mountains including but not limited to Montana, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, and Wyoming.

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Why Educators Prefer the RMAI STEM Initiative

Aligns with Standards. Every AWIM module aligns with state and national educational standards.

Flexible Delivery. STEM experiences are age appropriate and easily adaptable to each unique classroom and learning environment.

Classroom Materials. Kits include materials for STEM experiences, guided lesson plans, and discussion questions.

Ongoing Support. Teachers receive step-by-step teacher guides, training modules, and webinars.

Volunteer-Assisted Delivery. Industry professionals and LearnTwice university student volunteers enrich learning.


Proven, Verifiable Impact

Through the generosity of the donors and corporate partners who support the SAE Foundation, AWIM has served more than 6 million students around the globe and engaged over 30,000 industry volunteers. According to teachers, after using AWIM: 84% of students developed an increased interest in math and/or science concepts, 72% displayed an increase in their math and/or science scores, and 81% showed a positive change in attitude toward math and/or science.

“I have been using the SAE A World In Motion program in my classroom for several years to bring the STEM concepts we are learning to life. Each AWIM project provides a deep learning experience for my students, putting them in the role of an engineer through a hands-on design challenge. The program is very adaptable which is important to me teaching in a multi-age learning environment with 5th-8th graders.”

 ̶  Susan Luinstra, Teacher, Bynum, Montana

About RMAI

The Rocky Mountain AWIM Initiative (RMAI) started in 2011 as the Frontier States Initiative using a personal endowment from the late Arne Siegel and his wife, Stephanie with the SAE Foundation. The initial goal was to foster Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education across Montana by providing every child in every school in MT with the opportunity to discover and engage with A World In Motion (AWIM). Over the years, through the generosity of the Montana Ambassadors, the Office of Public Instruction of Montana, and The Cross Foundation together with other partnerships, RMAI has a goal to expand reach to all states West of the Mississippi River.

By inspiring the next generation of student innovators in STEM, coupled with connections and real-world hands-on experiences, RMAI will markedly strengthen and sustain workforce development in states west of the Rocky Mountains.

For more information about the Rocky Mountain AWIM STEM Initiative (RMAI), please contact Patricia Schneider.