A World In Motion

Our program brings Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education to life for students in grades K-8 with hands-on activities.

Rocky Mountain AWIM Initiative (RMAI)

The Rocky Mountain AWIM Initiative started as the Frontier States Initiative using a modest personal endowment from Arne and Stephanie Siegel with the SAE Foundation. This initiative has since grown to numbers where A World In Motion (AWIM) is a commonplace name within Montana's educational arena. Through the generosity of several Montana Ambassadors, the Office of Public Instruction of Montana, The Cross Foundation, and the BOEING Foundation of Helena, numerous students are currently experiencing relevant STEM knowledge using one of the many AWIM Challenges.

RMAI's continued success of STEM infusion into the schools, programs, and organizations throughout Montana is due in fact to the generous financial support of the Montana Ambassadors. Whether it's calling upon community volunteers to talk with students at workshops or volunteering in a classroom or a summer camp, the future of the Rocky Mountain AWIM Initiative cannot survive without this partnership. To say RMAI has grown from 17 schools/programs in 2011 to over 350 schools/programs in 2015 is indeed impressive. For more information about the Rocky Mountain AWIM Initiative, please contact Patricia Schneider pschneider0180@gmail.com


Rocky Mountain AWIM Initiative (RMAI) is the beginning to a Western States SAE-AWIM initiative that is designed to inspire the next generation of student innovators through education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), coupled with connections and hands-on experiences with the real world. RMAI has partnered with the Office of Public Instruction in Montana together with the Montana Ambassadors to implement STEM literacy programs from SAE which are increasingly important for all students, regardless of career choice, and to support 21st century learning and careers.

RMAI's ultimate objective is to significantly increase the number of high-quality students, including underrepresented talent, especially in native communities, who enroll, graduate, and who successfully work in STEM-related professions which will markedly strengthen and sustain workforce development in the western states.

  • Reach at least 50% students in the state of Montana
  • Utilize SAE's gold standard AWIM program in the K-16 education arena.
  • Focus initial rollout in Montana with rollout expanding down the Rocky Mountain Chain of States and eventually to the states west of the Mississippi River.
  • Focus on the 9 Montana Ambassador regions and surrounding communities where there is a significant MTA presence encouraging community volunteers (including retirees).
  • Focus on all student age groups starting with K- 12, expanding to pre-college, then engaging more Collegiate Design Series throughout the Montana University System.
  • Recognize and support STEM teachers, community volunteers, and engineering students.