A World In Motion®
SAE's A World In Motion® (AWIM®) PreK-12 program brings STEM education to life with an inquiry-based learning experience. We combine practical, hands-on learning and mentorship to provide equitable access to STEM.

SRG Communities

SRG Global has deep roots as a Guardian company. Our story begins amidst the Great Depression in a small plant on Detroit's east side with 20 workers rolling out fewer than 100 windshields a day. From humble beginnings, the company would weather the financial storm, a world war, and more challenges over the next seven decades to emerge as a global glassmaking giant to the building trades and a top 100 supplier to the worldwide automotive industry. With SRG Global in the fold, we can add another distinction as one of the largest manufacturers of chrome plated plastic parts in the world.

With a gift of $70,000 over the next three years, SRG will support AWIM programming in K-8 classrooms in the areas surrounding Detroit.


As a leader in the automotive industry and an engaged corporate citizen, SRG Global is well aware that one of the most pressing issues facing industry today is the decline of students enrolling in science and technology programs. This decline and its impact threaten our ability to meet future workforce demands and present repercussions to be felt for generations to come. SAE International, the leader in connecting and educating engineers while promoting, developing, and advancing aerospace, commercial vehicle and automotive engineering, shares SRG's concern for the future and, through the SAE Foundation, supports STEM education programs that work to increase the number of students who pursue educational and career paths in STEM-related fields.


  • Expand the number of students who ultimately pursue advanced degrees and careers in STEM fields and broaden the participation of women and minorities;
  • Expand the STEM-capable workforce and broaden the participation of women and minorities
  • Increase science literacy for all students.
  • Reach students in targeted areas with hands-on STEM curriculum over the next 3 years