Become an SAE Instructor

Turn your technical expertise, on-the-job experience, and strong communications skills into a rewarding teaching opportunity.

SAE promotes the practice of engineers teaching engineers. Whether an active engineering professional, retired engineer, or an educator in a university engineering program, SAE Instructors offer subject matter expertise, industry experience, and on-the-job know-how.

Benefits of Being an SAE Instructor

  • Alignment with the reputation, credibility, and global reach of the mobility industry's leading technical society
  • Building your professional network
  • Receiving recognition from your peers
  • Eligibility for the SAE Forest R. McFarland Award and Master Instructor Registration Program
  • Promotion of you, your course, and your company on the SAE International website
  • Contributing to the development of the SAE Professional Development program, the industry's body of technical knowledge, and future generations of engineers
  • Enjoy full logistical and operational support so you can concentrate on teaching

General Instructor Qualifications

  • Ten years of experience in the engineering field or academia
  • One year (or equivalent) experience teaching adults
  • Ability to develop a course of high quality and value
  • Ability to use a variety of training aids and instructional methods and to function in an applications-oriented, adult learning environment
  • Willingness to accept guidance, feedback and coaching from an SAE Professional Development coach and adhere to established guidelines and requirements
  • Ability to relate subject matter to participant work experience
  • SAE Membership preferred, but not required


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