Accident Reconstruction Certificate

Getting Started

Establish yourself as an expert practitioner in the technical field of accident reconstruction with an SAE Accident Reconstruction Certificate. SAE educates professionals through courses to further their careers in the mobility industry.

This certificate program includes both required and elective courses that can be taken at your pace within 5 years of getting started.

Review the required and elective course lists below to create your learning plan.


Required Courses

Complete the three (3) following required courses. You can take each course at your own pace and register at any time.



Elective Courses

Select three (3) of the following courses to fulfill your certificate requirements. Register for each course at your own pace.

Many of the courses included in the Accident Reconstruction Certificate Program have been approved by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR) for Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Successful completion of a learning assessment is required for each course to gain the CEUs for the course.


* This course is not applicable as an elective course if completed as a required course


Additional Elective Courses

Courses no longer offered by SAE but eligible to be used as electives for this program, providing they were completed within five years of the date the Certificate is requested include:

  • 95025 Chassis & Suspension Component Design for Passenger Cars & Light Trucks (3 days)

  • C0837 Fundamentals of Heavy Truck Dynamics (3 days)

  • C1209 Introduction to Heavy Truck Tire, Steering, and Suspension Dynamics (1 day)

  • C1423 Basic Tire Mechanics and Inspection (1 day)

  • C1424 Tire Forensic Analysis (2 days)

  • PD130501ON Introduction to Brake Control Systems e-Seminar

  • PD130556ON Fundamentals of All-Wheel Drive Systems e-Seminar

  • C1506 Reconstruction and Analysis of Motorcycle Crashes

  • C0305 Fundamentals of Automotive All-Wheel Drive Systems

  • C1869 Accident Reconstruction, the Autonomous Vehicle and ADAS (1 day)

  • C0233 Commercial Vehicle Braking Systems (3 days)

  • C0718 High-Performance Brake Systems (2 days)

  • C0509 Hydraulic Brake Systems for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks (3 days)