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Certificate Programs

Certificates of Competency / Mastery

SAE currently offers the following Single-Course Certificates offering an SAE "Certificate of Competency" for completing the course and passing an industry vetted examination at the completion of the training:

Curriculum Certificates

SAE has developed programs that package together existing seminars to allow attendees the opportunity to receive an SAE "Certificate of Achievement" for completing a defined collection of knowledge courses within a given content area. There is not formal application process to enroll in the curriculum certificate programs. Courses may be taken at your convenience.

SAE currently offers the following Curriculum Certificates:

Regular course offerings in the Detroit area, for additional offering locations, please click the certificate title.
All courses are offered regularly at:
SAE Troy Office
755 Big Beaver, PNC Center, 16th Floor
Troy, MI

To request a framed Curriculum Certificate
Once all courses are completed, please notify SAE Customer Service, 877-606-7323 or customerservice@sae.org. Once your transcript is audited and completion of courses verified, your certificate will be issued.