Product Engineering Tools and Methods Certificate Program

This Certificate Program focuses on the study, development, management and implementation of product engineering principles, methodologies and techniques. When used properly, these tools and methods become powerful productivity enhancers, improve communication, documentation, problem-solving and quality, and reduce product development time and cost.

Upon completing each individual course, an SAE Certificate of Achievement is awarded, issuing the designated number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Upon completing all six courses, a comprehensive certificate is awarded, recognizing completion of the entire certificate program.

Completing the Product Engineering Tools and Methods Certificate equates to six to seven graduate credits towards the SAE/Kettering University 20-credit Certificate in Automotive Systems and Kettering's 40-credit M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, depending on the elective that is completed. Visit for more information.

The entire six-course program must be completed in seven years.

Required courses (options available for live online, on demand, or classroom seminars for your convenience):

Electives (select one): (6-18 hours)

Successful completion of a learning assessment is required for each course to gain the CEUs for the course.

To enroll in the Certificate Program
There is no formal application process. You may simply begin taking courses at your convenience. You may self-monitor your transcript as you progress through the program by visiting and clicking My Transcript (requires log in).

To request overall Certificate Program framed certificate
When all courses are completed, please notify SAE Customer Service, 877-606-7323 or Once your transcript is audited and completion of courses verified, your certificate will be issued.