Professional Development Hours

You may be able to earn Professional Development Hours (PDHs) by participating in SAE International Professional Development courses.

Licensed Professional Engineers (P.E.s), on a voluntary or mandated basis, participate in continuing professional education for licensure renewal to ensure competency. Continuing professional education for licensed engineers is measured in PDH. A PDH is one contact hour of instruction or presentation. The licensee is responsible for maintaining records to be used to support credits claimed. Currently more than 50% of states mandate continuing education competency for licensed engineers.

According to the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), one acceptable activity to earn PDHs is satisfactory completion of continuing education courses. Many of the SAE Professional Development seminars, web seminars, and most on-demand courses may qualify as an acceptable activity.

SAE Professional Development courses grant participants a measure of credit called Continuing Education Units (CEUs) upon meeting all course requirements. View the individual course description for the number of CEUs that may be earned. SAE Professional Development is approved as an Authorized Provider of the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) and grants IACET CEUs for its continuing education courses.

P.E.s should check their state's requirements. For example, four states (Florida, Louisiana, New York, and North Carolina) require pre-approval of PDH sponsors. In the instances of New York and Indiana, SAE is an approved PDH sponsor by virtue of its IACET Authorized Provider status.

To Convert CEUs to PDHs

1 Continuing Education Unit = 10 PDHs

While you should check each SAE course for the correct CEUs to be awarded upon successful completion; here are some typical examples of SAE courses:

  • 1-day seminar granting .7 CEUs = 7 PDHs
  • 2-day seminar granting 1.3 CEUs = 13 PDHs
  • 3-day seminar granting 2 CEUs = 20 PDHs
  • 4-session web seminar granting .8 CEUs = 8 PDHs
  • 6-session web seminar granting 1.2 CEUs = 12 PDHs
  • 10-hour on-demand course granting 1 CEU = 10 PDHs

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