AMS Index - July 2019

Aerospace Material Specifications Index is the most current listing of Aerospace Material Specifications, allowing users to locate each document quickly and easily.

These standards are indexed both by number and subject into seven special interest areas including:

  • Aircraft Maintenance Chemicals and Materials
  • Tolerances
  • Quality Control
  • Processes
  • Non-Metallic Materials and Processes
  • Metals
  • Parts

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Vehicle Sound Package Materials Web Seminar RePlay

This four-session course provides a detailed understanding of the source – path-receiver relationship for developing appropriate sound package treatments in vehicles, including automobiles, commercial vehicles, and other transportation devices.

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Technical Paper

Investigations of Composite Materials for Their Applications in Designs of Vehicles

At present, there is a tendency to replace metals with nonmetals, including composite materials. More and more works are devoted to the creation and investigation of the structure and properties of nonmetallic materials. Composites, being a heterogeneous anisotropic or quasi-isotropic system, combining the positive properties of components and possessing a complex of new properties not inherent in any of them, allow to substantially improve the basic characteristics of materials.

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Materials and Manufacturing

The SAE International Journal of Materials and Manufacturing publishes peer-reviewed, authoritative, and in-depth research in the areas of materials, design, and manufacturing. In addition to analytical findings, the Journal addresses integration and implementation of scientific and engineering practices that advance the state of the art and benefit society.

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