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Custom wheel rims

Wheel rim components made of 3/4-in steel plate in diameters to 40 in (1016 mm) and larger for use on tractors and other off-highway vehicles are fabricated by Acme Metal Spinning using its advanced metal spinning processes. The company claims its processes are faster and less costly than conventional forging methods usually used to manufacture wheel rims. By producing the wheel rims from steel blanks, Acme says it can often reduce the number of time-consuming secondary operations to achieve the desired custom design. Available in quantities of five to a few hundred or more, custom Acme wheel rims are suitable for a range of applications including utility vehicles, tractors, wagons, skid steers, harvesters, grain carts, forestry equipment, fertilizer spreaders, and combines. Acme produces parts on a variety of specially designed CNC equipment, which include 100-hp (75-kW) two-roller spinning systems and a full range of hand, hydraulic, and CNC controlled spinning lathes, trimming, and beading machines. Video of the manufacturing process can be viewed at:

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