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Non-DPF Tier 4 engine

Bobcat Co. has released its first Tier 4 loaders, including a non-diesel particulate filter (DPF) engine solution. The seven medium-sized machines provide operators with the same performance benefits as the previous interim Tier 4 models, the company claims. The non-DPF solution was achieved by designing an ultra-low particulate combustion (ULPC) engine. The ULPC is accomplished through a specially designed engine combustion chamber that significantly reduces the amounts of particulate matter created during combustion, thereby achieving Tier 4 emissions compliance without using a DPF. The new engines used in 500 frame-size loaders also offer a 4 to 12% increase in torque, which is produced over a wide range of engine rpm. The new Tier 4 loaders feature a machine protection system that monitors, manages, and shuts down the engine if needed. This system monitors engine coolant and oil temperatures and will manage engine systems to reduce the potential of these fluids reaching a point where the machine has to be shut down.

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