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Volvo CE's ECR25D features a fuel-efficient Tier 4 Interim engine and advanced hydraulic components.

Volvo CE’s new short swing radius excavator

With a weight of 2.5 ton (2.3 t), the ECR25D compact excavator from Volvo Construction Equipment achieves greater breakout and tearout forces—8453 lb (38 kN) combined—than the 2.8-ton (2.5-t) ECR28 excavator it replaces. It is also easy to transport from site to site. Total transport weight—including three buckets, a hydraulic breaker, and small trailer—is just 3.5 ton (3.2 t).

Its narrow design enables it to work in confined areas and urban environments for such operations such as electrical wire installation or water piping repair with limited impact on traffic or residential areas. For operations that require a bit more might, it can be equipped with an additional counterweight. In such applications, the tail radius minimally exceeds track width, preventing collision or damage.

The ECR25D is powered by a Tier 4 Interim, 20.9-hp (15.6-kW) three-cylinder engine. The 1.12-L engine features a bore and stroke of 3.07 x 3.08 in (78 x 78.4 mm) and a maximum torque of 53.2 N·m (72.2 lb·ft) at 1600 rpm. Contributing to fuel efficiency and lowering operating costs is an optional auto-idling system, which reduces engine speed when controls are inactive for over 5 s or when the left-hand console is raised.

Its hydraulic system includes a flow sharing main control valve that offers fast cycle times, while a load-sensing variable displacement piston pump delivers flow on demand, lowering operating costs. Featuring a patented, multi-functional hydraulic oil filter, filtration occurs when the tank is filled or topped up and before the oil returns back via the drain lines.

The access area into the cab is large enough that operators can get in and out easily without bumping controls, and a flat, uncluttered floor offers ample foot space. An adjustable seat, ergonomic armrests and efficiently positioned controls facilitate intuitive operation. The machine can be positioned quickly and easily, as slew and offset movements are controlled simultaneously via a proportional roller and joystick.

Large, hydraulic travel pedals provide the operator accurate, hands-free track control, while an automatic, two-speed travel function allows the machine to downshift when more effort is required. Low speed mode can be enabled at the flip of a switch for more sensitive operations. Visibility is improved to the blade, digging equipment, and tracks—improving precision and jobsite safety. Whether equipped with a Volvo cab or canopy, three-point entry and roll-over protection are standard.

All checks points on the ECR25D compact excavator are readily accessible at ground level and grouped under a wide-opening, lockable hood. Greasing need only be carried out every 50 h. A patented multi-function hydraulic oil filter/filler improves protection of the hydraulic system and provides early detection of oil pollutants.

The ECR25D is available with several packages, along with options such as long arm for enhanced working range or additional rear counterweight to better handle heavy attachments. Work tools can be installed via an optional attachment carrier (hydraulic or mechanical) available installed from the factory. Auxiliary hydraulic flows can be adjusted from inside the cab via the joystick for optimal attachment function.

Optional Volvo CareTrack remote telematics system provides owners information to optimize performance and maximize uptime, including geo-fence, geo-tracking, an engine on/off status monitor, and hourly-based work reports.


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