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Axial piston pumps

Hawe Hydraulics plans to show a variety of axial piston pumps at ConExpo/IFPE 2014, including the new V60N-130 pump type that is a member of the well-established V60N series. The company claims that the V60N-130 pump, in particular, sets new standards in terms of life cycle, efficiency, and control accuracy. The pump is equipped with a range of option controls, flanges, and adaptions to connect additional pumps to the thru shaft. It is claimed to be the only axial piston pump of its size to offer a serial built-in performance controller as protection against overloading the utility vehicle’s transmission. The addition of upper and lower performance range models has enhanced Hawe’s pump portfolio, with working pressures up to 400 bar (5800 psi) and peak pressures reaching 450 bar (6527 psi). Axial piston pumps are suitable for use in construction machines, concrete pumps, public transport and utility vehicles, waste disposal trucks, cranes, forestry vehicles, and numerous other machines.

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