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In-sight software

Cognex Corp.’s In-Sight Explorer 4.9 software offers an expanded set of inspection tools and an enhanced Cognex Connect communications suite that features the iQ Sensor Solution network (iQSS). This latest version of In-Sight Explorer software includes the surface flaw tool and the scene correction filter. The surface flaw tool simplifies the detection of surface defects such as scratches, discoloration, burn/black spots, label wrinkles, small dents, tears, or pinholes. The new scene correction filter balances images with uneven illumination to help present the defect detection tools with evenly lit images. Combined with previously released inspect edge and flexible flaw detection tools, In-Sight Explorer 4.9 offers customers in the automotive industry a suite of inspection tools that reduces costs and helps them protect their brand image, according to Cognex Corp. 

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