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Automotive venting solutions

Donaldson’s Automotive Venting Solutions, which offer a variety of materials and configurations to meet the needs of automotive system suppliers, will be displayed at the SAE 2014 World Congress April 8-10 in Detroit. The vents, made with the company's proprietary Tetratex expanded PTFE membrane, provide effective venting solutions for automotive applications. They provide protection from water, dirt, dust, automotive fluids, and other environmental challenges. They also allow pressure caused by temperature fluctuations to equalize within protective enclosures to reduce the stress of the seals and prevent housing fatigue, while maintaining performance standards. Features and benefits include high-efficiency particulate removal, IP ratings from IP44 to IP67/IP68/IP69K, continuous operating temperature of -40°C to +260°C (-40 to +500°F), ease of application and device integration, and availability of adhesive and nonadhesive vents. Typical applications include lighting (e.g., headlamps, rear lamps, fog lamps), fluid reservoir tanks, electronics, and powertrain components. The firm’s vent assemblies are typically used in devices for where adhesives are not appropriate, where chemical incompatibilities or extreme temperatures exist. (Booth 429)

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