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Book examines use of lightweight plastics in automobiles

SAE International has published a new book titled Plastics Application Technology for Safe and Lightweight Automobiles. The 350-page book provides application technology development for various aspects of automotive design—concept design, CAD modeling, predictive engineering methods through CAE, manufacturing method simulation, and prototype and tool making. It is based on the research and real-world applications of the editor and team of authors for the past decade. The book describes the design and manufacturing aspects of energy absorbers, fenders, front-end modules, instrument panels, steering wheels, headlamp assemblies, throttle bodies, polycarbonate glazing, tailgates, and exterior components such as roof racks, wipers, door handles, and rearview mirror assemblies that use engineering thermoplastics for safety and reduced weight for next-generation automobiles. Readers will use the information in Plastics Application Technology for Safe and Lightweight Automobiles to gain an understanding of the design and manufacturing methodologies of plastics and how to apply them to their particular vehicle platform. 

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