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Book explores use of aerodynamics in cars, trucks, trains

SAE International’s “Theory and Applications of Aerodynamics for Ground Vehicles” provides an introduction to ground vehicle aerodynamics and methodically guides the reader through the various aspects of the subject. Authored by T. Yomi Obidi, the 260-page, hardbound book is suitable for those who need specific information or a refresher on the subject. There is a particular emphasis on various vehicle types (passenger cars, trucks, trains, motorcycles, racecars, etc.). However, the book is focused on cars and trucks, which are the most common vehicles in the speed range in which the study of ground vehicle aerodynamics is beneficial. In addition, “Theory and Applications of Aerodynamics for Ground Vehicles” offers readers a fundamental understanding of the topic. The books chapters examine: drag, noise and vehicle soiling, wind tunnels and road/track testing, numerical methods, vehicle stability and control, vehicle sectional design, large vehicles (trucks, trailers, buses, trains), severe service and off-road vehicles, racecars and convertibles, motorcycles, and concept vehicles.

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