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Functional rapid prototype parts

Most rapid prototype parts are brittle or turn limp in warm water, and can only take engineers so far during development. Synergeering Group says it has developed a way for rapid prototype parts to be functional—made to use and perform on a running engine. Called RapidNylon, the highly modified laser sintering (LS) technology is used to produce parts more accurately so that they better maintain the design’s true intent. Synergeering uses a blend of GF-Nylon material that is comparable to production-end, injection-molded material. The company's post-processing method ensures that parts are airtight and impervious to oils, coolants, or even brake fluid. Parts such as air intake manifolds, valve and engine covers, oil separators, and fuel tanks are produced on a functioning level. These parts can withstand 150°C (302°F) temperatures and static burst pressures of 140 psi (9.65 bar). The process can also produce large parts such as full-size bumper fascias, to be bolted directly on the vehicle used for wind-tunnel testing. RapidNylon will be displayed at the SAE 2014 World Congress April 8-10 in Detroit. (Booth 628)

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