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Mixed-service tires

Goodyear G731 MSA and G751 MSA tires for mixed-service applications are offered with or without DuraSeal technology and enable construction, dump, cement mixers, and other fleets to travel across challenging surfaces. DuraSeal technology is a gel-like rubber compound built into the tire’s casing that seals nail-hole punctures in the tread up to 0.25-in (6.35-mm) in diameter to prevent downtime and lower operating costs. Both tires feature increased wearable rubber volume and special tread compound for cut, chip, and tear resistance; a wider footprint for stability and traction; lower rolling resistance construction and emissions compliancy; and a tough casing for retreading. The G751 MSA is designed for 80% on-road and 20% off-road service applications, while the G731 MSA is designed for 20% on-road and 80% off-road.

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