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Multi-layer fuel hose

AGC Chemicals Americas Inc.’s new Sunbesta-ZV multi-layer fuel hose features a three-layer tubing system, making them highly resistant to temperature, chemicals, and fuels, and free of oligomers, claims the company. The hose consists of a Fluon ETFE inner layer, a Genestar PA9T middle layer, and a UBESTA Nylon 12 outer layer co-extruded to chemically bond without the use of additional adhesives. According to AGC, Sunbesta-ZV fuel tubing is highly flexible and highly resistant to low-temperature impact, chemicals, bio fuels, auto oxidized fuels, and fuels with wide alcohol content. Although it was developed for automobiles, Sunbesta-ZV tubing is also suitable for industrial applications that require high flexibility with low permeation, heat and/or cold resistance, and alcohol or hydrocarbon barrier properties. Other benefits include anti-static properties; adhesion and flexibility; and can be used for urea tube in SCR/EGR systems.

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