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Nissan plans to introduce the dual-functioning rearview mirror (shown here in camera mode) to global markets in 2015.

Nissan rearview mirror doubles as rearview LCD monitor

At the Geneva International Motor Show this week, Nissan is introducing a rearview mirror that incorporates an LCD monitor. When put into the market, the unit will enable drivers to turn the conventional mirror into an LCD monitor. A 1.3-million-pixel narrow-angle camera was developed so that picture quality would not be sacrificed when formatted for the specially designed monitor. Also specially designed was a monitor with a unique aspect ratio of approximately 4:1; conventional monitors have an aspect ratio of 4:3 or 16:9. Without providing details, Nissan said it engineered a way out of another challenge: the tendency of such units to display overlapping images from the two functions. The automaker plans to introduce the product to global markets in 2015. It will be offered as a dealer option this spring in the Japanese market.

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