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Polypropylene rigid honeycomb board

Stinger polypropylene rigid honeycomb-cored structural sheet from Coroplast will be displayed at SAE 2014 World Congress April 8-10 in Detroit. The Stinger board provides stiffness, strength, impact performance, and weight reduction unmatched by any other polypropylene panel production technology, claims the company. Recognized by the issuance of U.S. and foreign patents, the unique design and performance of the Stringer board also addresses numerous automotive industry challenges. When used as a spare wheel cover and/or load floor medium, alternative to commonly used wood-based hardboard, Stinger board: will not rot or deteriorate from exposure to moisture; provides significant weight saving; offers resistance to deflection and fracturing under load; features improved noise and temperature isolation; and is 100% recyclable. For Tier 1 and 2 customers, Stinger board is easily and cleanly converted into two-dimensional shapes by steel-rule die-cutting methods. No messy sawing and sanding is needed. In addition, the board can be thermo-formed into three-dimensional shapes for applications that require compound surfaces. (Booth 534)

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