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Radial tires

The RL45 and RL51 off-road radial tires from Yokohama Tire feature durable and long-lasting treads for demanding applications. Suitable for articulated dump trucks and scrapers and available in size 26.5R25, the RL45 offers improved wear, low-heat generation, cut-resistance, and more stability. A zigzag-shaped groove improves traction on rock and gravel surfaces while a nondirectional block pattern provides abrasion- and cut-resistance on stone surfaces. Suitable for front-end loaders and graders, the size 23.5R25 RL51 also features better wear- and cut-resistance while its nondirectional block pattern offers traction, stability, abrasion- and cut-resistance, as well as the same performance in forward and reverse. Both versions offer a high turn-up carcass, buttress side protection, and a flexible belt wire to improve durability and lifespan.

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