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Urban concept vehicle

The ishare urban concept vehicle by Applus IDIADA is designed as a demonstrator of the company’s vehicle development capabilities. The ishare will be displayed (Booth 923) at the SAE 2014 World Congress April 8-10 in Detroit. The ishare vehicle development project followed the principle of development led by functionalities. The project started with a clear objective: to design and develop an urban mobility vehicle for car-sharing companies. From the beginning, a multidisciplinary team from all functional areas was involved in the project: experts from active and passive safety, NVH, powertrain, and electronics worked together with experts in body, chassis, and trim design. The first goal was to identify the vehicle’s key functionalities, particularly those related to mobility and car-sharing. By means of a public survey and interviews with potential fleet operators, the company was able to define the vehicle’s basic specifications. Design engineering tools are at the core of the development process: from the style and surface creation, to the integration of the components, considering the vehicle’s functional feasibility. In the development of external and internal parts, engineers worked toward quick replacement assembly and an easy maintenance interior trim. The ishare electric motor performances were defined for maximum vehicle speed, climbing capacity, and range without forgetting NVH and the user’s comfort. The 1x electric induction motor has 15 kW peak power and 140 N∙m peak torque. The battery system, including a charging manager module, was designed to permit home charging and public charging. The active safety performance of the ishare was managed from concept design to the optimization, tuning, and validation of the chassis, steering, and brakes, to achieve safe vehicle behavior but also to transmit driving pleasure and emotions. The electrical and electronic architecture included a link between the vehicle systems and car-sharing service for booking applications. An access system was developed for the ishare with a mobile phone and a barcode reader to provide a user-friendly information and assistance system. Maximum vehicle speed is 80 km/h (129 mph), and range is 95 km (59 mi).

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