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Acrylic tape

Adchem offers 488M Red 8-mm (0.31-in) high caliper acrylic adhesive double-sided tape with 3.5 mm (0.14 in) per side. Manufactured on a red polypropylene release liner, the tape is suitable for bonding wood and wood materials, rubber extrusions, low-surface energy plastics, and finishes for the on- and off-highway industries. Designed for high immediate bond strength and long-lasting bonding applications, 488M is suitable when high tack, elevated temperatures, and increased shear properties are needed. The converter-friendly Red liner allows for accurate die-cutting and slitting and uses an acrylic adhesive system on a 1-mm (0.04-in) polyethylene terephthalate film carrier. Red improves bonds on various substrates including thermoplastic olefin, polypropylene, polyethylene, powder-coated paint surfaces, wood, and rubber components. 

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