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Toshizo Ido, Governor of Hyogo Prefecture, is seated in the FFS.

Airbus Helicopters launches Japan’s first helicopter full flight simulator

Airbus Helicopters Japan recently inaugurated Japan’s first full flight simulator (FFS) for helicopters at its facilities located in the Kobe Airport vicinity. The simulator is configured to represent Airbus Helicopters’ light twin-engine EC135 P2+ rotorcraft, and has received Level C certification from the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau. With such airworthiness authority approval, training hours accumulated by pilots in the FFS are now authorized to be logged as actual flight hours. This FFS accurately represents the helicopter’s cockpit, instruments, and systems, enabling aircrews to experience operations in all conditions—including emergency situations and flight in bad weather. Incorporating a standard EC135 flight data package developed by Airbus Helicopters, the simulator allows a full representation of the rotorcraft’s functionality, including its engines, autopilot, and all other systems by using real software and components. It is capable of simulating up to 195 malfunction situations.

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