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Automotive fuels reference book

Written for those who have an interest in or need to understand automotive fuels, SAE International offers the third edition of its best-selling Automotive Fuels Reference Book. This new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated, yet retains the original fundamental fuels information that readers find so useful. Authored by Paul Richards, the 868-page hardbound-book includes a brief history of automotive fuels development, followed by chapters on automotive fuels manufacture from crude oil and other fossil sources. One chapter is dedicated to the manufacture of automotive fuels and fuel blending components from renewable sources. The safe handling, transport, and storage of fuels, from all sources, are covered. In addition, Automotive Fuels Reference Book, Third Edition pulls together, in a single volume, the three different but related topics of automotive fuels, fuel additives, and engines, and shows how all three areas work together. For more information, visit

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