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Book offers actionable knowledge on automotive glass engineering

The new book Glass Engineering: Design Solutions for Automotive Applications from SAE International uses a no-nonsense, step-by-step approach to examine the variables of automotive glass engineering. The 136-page book narrows the gap between the reader and a technical subject by using language that is easy to understand, a good variety of examples, and a series of reference design tables. The book addresses the theme of glass from the manufacturing stage to the design, installation, and warranty aspects. It also flags, along the way, the pitfalls and the important questions to ask. More importantly, it provides the reader with practical ways to solve the not-so-obvious problems associated with the use of automotive glass. Glass Engineering: Design Solutions for Automotive Applications is written by Lyn R. Zbinden, a mechanical engineer and glass specialist, who has a career spanning more than 30 years in the automotive industry. Zbinden breaks down complex concepts, building up a solid base that both students and practitioners can profit from and use on a regular basis.



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