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Browser automation

Elysium’s CADfeature 11.3 is a feature-based program for repairing, migrating, and reporting on product engineering data in manufacturing. The version improves creation of master CAD models; enhancements offer a more streamlined, efficient process for CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM translations. CADfeature 11.3 deploys browser-based automation and provides high-definition translation of 2-D/3-D content and a method to analyze the status and quality of modeling data. A 3-D Reports Model dashboard allows manufacturers to drill down and view assemblies, parts, sketch details, and various features for collaboration. Benefits include accurate representations of product assets, improved life-cycle management, a streamlined translation process, reporting and guided post-translation functions, and automatic quality assurance checks. Users can open as assess reports from a basic Internet browser. 

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