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Cable and hoses

Philatron offers corrosion-resistant Stallion ABS power cable and rugged Alaskan Stallion air hoses. Stallion cable was designed without metal, nylon, and plastic for indestructability and uses Xenoy polycarbonate plugs connected with tensile strength of 480 lb (218 kg) to prevent corrosion or socket freezing. Military-grade polymer on the outer jacket resists road salts, chemicals, and abrasions and operates between -70 and +400°F (-57 to +204°C). Alaskan Stallion hose features reinforced dual-stage thicker-than-nylon air lines and improved anti-kinking and flexibility characteristics designed for arctic weather from -100 to +260°F (-73 to +127°C). Philatron's manufacturing and testing solutions produce Stallion cable and air lines as a durable cab/trailer interface with improved product resilience, utility, and safety with minimal downtime. 

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