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Deere offers diagnostics and prognostics in the field

John Deere Power Systems (JDPS) introduced at ConExpo its John Deere PowerSight, for JDPS diesel engines installed in OEM equipment. More than just a telematics system, John Deere PowerSight is an umbrella of John Deere technologies and solutions that integrate seamlessly to help customers manage their equipment. PowerSight incorporates four Deere technologies, including the JDLink machine monitoring system, remote diagnostics and programming, machine health prognostics, and the PowerAssist app. The technology solution is available for John Deere Final Tier 4/Stage IV, Interim Tier 4/Stage III B, and Tier 3/Stage III A engines.

The data collected by JDLink is communicated by cellular technology or satellite to a central John Deere server; it is made available online to registered users in the JDLink interface accessible through the portal or through apps for iOS and Android mobile device. Alerts can be transmitted through SMS text messaging or email.

JDLink enables customers to document operator productivity and determine which John Deere-powered equipment is generating revenue and which is idling. For instance, JDLink Ultimate provides access to engine and fuel utilization data to help customers determine how to better use the machine and manage fuel consumption. The Ultimate, Select, and Express versions of JDLink track hours of engine use.

All four versions of JDLink offered within John Deere PowerSight will feature location and geofencing services that provide logistics management and equipment security. JDLink enables curfew creation and instantly sends an alert when a machine is removed from a job site, and the system allows the timely recovery of stolen machines through GPS tracking.

PowerSight also supports machine optimization by simplifying preventive maintenance scheduling and documentation. The Ultimate and Select versions of JDLink monitor service status and send reminders of scheduled maintenance to help customers optimize equipment performance and extend machine life.

The machine health prognostics component of PowerSight is capable of proactively discovering improper engine operation that could lead to downtime. With machine health prognostics, PowerSight proactively analyzes JDLink data, fluid analysis, and other critical machine data. Proprietary condition-based rules logic identifies out-of-spec conditions and operating practices and measures how critical an issue is. After a problem is discovered and evaluated, an alert is sent to the customer and John Deere service representative with recommended solutions to maintain engine health and provide increased uptime.

The Ultimate version of JDLink enables the remote diagnostics and programming component of John Deere PowerSight. JDLink allows a John Deere service representative to read and reset engine diagnostic trouble codes and record performance readings remotely. Service technicians can utilize the data collected by PowerSight to isolate, identify, and diagnose engine issues before visiting the job site.

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