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Energy-efficient steels

Ruukki offers Optim and Raex hot-rolled, energy-efficient steels. Optim reduces energy costs for equipment while enabling high-strength performance and is suitable for frame structures on commercial vehicles, mobile machines, equipment booms, and other heavy lifting equipment. Raex is a wear-resistant steel with a hardness and impact toughness suited for bucket trucks and containers, mining equipment, platform structures, feeders, and other high-wear applications. Plate thicknesses range from 0.079 to 3.150 in (2 to 80 mm), enabling Raex wear plates to extend the lifespan of machinery, decrease wear, and reduce costs. Ruukki manufactures steel using direct quenching technology, an energy-efficient manufacturing process using hot-rolled steel quenched at about 1650°F (900°C) to ambient temperature immediately after rolling, conserving energy by omitting the reheating stage.

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